Mother Mystic

Mother Mystic Federal Hill

Mother Mystic provides you products for spiritual, magical and alternative health needs. Whether you are nourishing the spirit within, seeking Spirit above or manifesting Spirit below, we hope you will find what you need at Mother Mystic Spiritual Apothecary.

We carry a variety of metaphysical and magic supplies such as: scented candles, special intention candles, Lucky Mojo Curio Products, Dragon’s Eye Stick Incense, incense resins, Palmistry Reading Kits, Tarot Decks, Crystals, Minerals, Fossils, Motor City Hoodoo Candles, Cinnamon Brooms, Practitioner Grade Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Pendulums, Figural Candles, natural soaps, Gift items, the Witches Almanac, books on a variety of topics including: magic, the occult, herbs, healing, spirituality & more!

179 Dean Street
Providence RI 02903

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