About FHCA


Federal Hill Commerce Association: A Brief Summary

Federal Hill Commerce Association, Inc. is a Rhode Island nonprofit 501 C3 corporation organized exclusively for the benefit of, to perform the function of, and to carry out the purposes of promoting the Federal Hill Area, to foster development, promotion and improvement of the Federal Hill Area, to work in cooperation with City officials, the City Council and other City Agencies toward these ends.

The City of Providence Board of Canvassers shall define as the Federal Hill geographic area that area designated as “Federal Hill”.

Membership in the Federal Hill Commerce Association shall be open to any person or other legal entity that duly pays the annual membership dues. The Board of Directors on an annual basis shall determine the amount of the annual membership dues and types of memberships.

Its board of directors, which shall be composed of persons demonstrating genuine interest in, and genuine support of, the corporation and its activities shall manage this corporation. The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and up to five (5) members in good standing with the Association.

The current officers are as follows:

President: Bob D’Uva
Vice President:   Domenic Ierfino
Treasurer:   Robert A. D’Amico
Secretary:   Chris Chabot

Join the Federal Hill Commerce Association — it’s easy! Start with downloading this application form: FHCA Membership Application 2021. The Board of Directors have approved to increase the membership fee: New and renewed memberships are $300.00. All memberships are voting memberships. Once your application is approved, we will add your company name to our website.

If you are in need of any further information, please feel free to contact Chris Chabot, FHCA Secretary at 401-432-7783.